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Customer Service Idea #1 - Phone Based Basics, Matching Exercise

This is a fun and easy customer service idea for teaching basic phone-based customer service. This simple matching exercise can be accessed here.  This PDF covers the basics of how your team should answer the phone, proper hold procedures, determining what your customer really needs, proper conduct throughout the call, and finishing a call properly.


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Customer Service Idea #2 - Customer Service Basics, Game Show

If you like to train using popular game shows as an idea, we have a three page PDF that covers many common errors, and areas of improvement for delivering quality service to your customers.  This game covers Rewording common mis-spoken phrases, Body Language and Communication Keys, Correcting Mistakes, and Asking Probing Questions to dig deeper to meet your customer’s needs. You can use this as an ideal follow up to the matching exercise given above as it also covers the same phone based service keys. 


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Customer Service Idea #3 - Customer Service Training Game

The best idea and most fun we have ever tried for training customer service skills is the Deal With It customer service training game.  It has short rules allowing everyone to read them in less than two minutes.  There is an example of play for those who refuse to take the time to read even a short set of rules.

Deal With It is a simple customer service training idea.  A manager takes the role of the Judge.  This Judge takes turns asking players a customer service questions and scenarios, and that player is given the chance to answer.  The Judge then allows other players an opportunity to challenge the answer just given by playing a Challenge card. The challenging player can offer an alternative answer, force the original player to justify their answer, or answer the question posed if the original player did not give an answer.  These Challenge cards ensure the game is under the Judge's control by limiting the number of times other players can interject themselves with a Challenge. Deal With It customer service training game

After the opportunity to challenge is over, the Judge determines if any answer give was appropriate, and if so, awards a random Point card from a shuffled deck to the player(s) with an acceptable answer if one was given.  No one will know who is the winner of the game until the very end.

The team at Deal With It has many created over 206 add-on modules so you can find a perfect match to your industry, giving you the types of scenarios your team will deal encounter.  If you do not see a close industry match, the Deal With It crew will write custom material to meet their customer's need. This idea will have your entire team thinking 'customer service' in no time.

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Customer Service Idea #4 -Greeting and Treating Host or Hostess

Set up a hosted coffee table and pastry bites, such a donut holes.  A warm greeting is a small expense that can really build customer loyalty.  (In the summer, soft drinks and popcorn can do the same.)

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Customer Service Idea #5 -End of Service Ambassador

Have a helper at the door and parking lot to help with loading and taking carts so the customer can leave directly.

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